Collaboration Brews

This year we have some interesting collaboration brews planned. After the success of previous collaborations more have been arranged to add more variety to the specials. For those not aware of collaboration brews it involves 2 brewers getting together to brew a special beer that aims to fuse distinct brewery styles together. We not only combine our experience in the recipe its a great way to learn new skill in the process too as we all have our own little things we do differently. 

So far for 2012 we have

Raw & Steel City - Raw Aussie Steel IPA 6.2% this is the 3rd collaboration with Dave & Gazza from Steel City Brewing Co Sheffield and yet again promises to combine the passion for hops and the desire to see how far we can push it! The same recipe as the 1st Raw Steel IPA but this time with repeated hopping with Australian Stella, Galaxy and Summer hops look out for a powerful bitterness over 135 IBU along with a powerful tropical fruit punch

Raw & Offbeat - Hop Chick 6.1% this is the 1st time Michelle from Offbeat Brewery Crewe and I have worked together on a brew. We have been working together supplying each others beer over the last year and I was impressed with the style and quality of Michelle's beers along with her quirky branding. This brew is a deep orange coloured IPA style beer brewed with German Carared and Melaniodin malts to give it a little more colour and depth. Then using a technique new to me that Michelle has used before we constantly hopped it throughout the boil with Columbus, Citra, Chinook and Crystal hops all from the US. The bulk of them we focused on the last part of the boil so it shouldn't be overly bitter but with a whopping 9.5kg total hop load it should pack a massive amount of flavour from these 4 brilliant hops.

Coming Soon

Raw & Brampton - Josh from Brampton is coming in February to do a Chesterfield Collaboration we already have some very interesting ideas so look out for it on the bars in March

Raw & Muirhouse - This will be the 2nd collaboration we have done and is planned for sometime in March

Raw & Prospect - Planned for April this idea has been floating around ever since we started as we have an obviously strong link with Patsy watch out for a collboration with a twist!